The Last of Things


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The last of anything is always so sad. I bet you’re wondering what I mean. I’m talking about the last book in a series, the last episode of a TV show, the last movie in a saga, etc. The list of endings goes on and on. Lately, I’ve been really interested in the lasts.

I recently watched the last movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Aside from all of the great moments in that movie – Sam killing the giant spider, Legolas acting out all of his brilliant stunts, Aragorn’s “not this day” speech, etc. – it pretty much sucks. Because at the end of all of it, after they’ve saved the whole freaking world from certain doom, Frodo and Gandalf leave with the elves. The fellowship is broken once again, and loving friendships come to an end.

Endings happen all the time in movies and TV shows and books. I can’t seem to start any new shows on Netflix because I’m always so ready to jump back in to watching “Friends” or “Charmed” or “How I Met Your Mother.” I might start a new show every now and then to see how far I can get before switching back to the ol’ faithfuls. The only reason those shows are old faithfuls is because there’s a whole bunch of seasons before you get to the endings. Of course, every time I see the end to any of those series, I ball my eyes out like a baby. I guess I continue to rewatch them because I don’t want Monica moving away, Piper having grandchildren, or Ted and Robin maybe getting back together to be the last things that I see from those characters. So I rewatch the shows, knowing that even though it ended, I can always go back to when it first began.

Like I said, lately I’ve been very into watching the ends of things. I cry for hours afterwards… Okay, days – I cry for days afterwards. But it makes me feel like I’m not alone in my experiences. A lot of things are ending in my life right now. I graduated today. I’ve already seen a lot of my friends for the last time (maybe not the last time ever, but for a long while anyway). I’ll never have another English class with Jessie or eat another meal at the dining hall with Steven and Tyler. I’ll never live in a dorm room again or borrow a book from the school library to do research. I have to take summer classes to get my degree, but I’m essentially done at the University of Delaware. I’m moving on.

Today was the last of this journey.

But I think I’m also realizing that it’s the beginning of the next one… Listening to today’s commencement speakers and reflecting on my college career and the choices I’ve made, I finally started to understand that this is a bigger deal than I originally thought it was. I’m not saying that because it’s the end of my college career. I’m saying that because it’s the beginning to the rest of my life. I’m getting married in less than a year. I’ll be getting a full-time job soon and moving on to start a family in a few years. And I couldn’t be more excited!

I guess sometimes the ends of things become the beginnings of other things…

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I am a freelance photographer based out of Delaware. I specialize in all kinds of photography - you name it, I can capture it (to a socially-acceptable point, of course).

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