1. Forgetting to call my family members every week
  2. Not waking up excited to start my day
  3. Doubting my creative and talent-driven abilities
  4. Wondering why I’m alive
  5. Worrying about things prematurely
  6. Wishing I were thinner
  7. Wishing I were prettier
  8. Believing that others dislike me
  9. Getting annoyed over small things
  10. Bottling up my emotions
  11. Not writing every day
  12. Not photographing every day
  13. Watching Netflix when I’m supposed to grind
  14. Working too much/too hard
  15. Filtering everything that comes out of my mouth or out of my mind/onto the page because I’m so worried that no matter what I say people will think I’m stupid or irrelevant so I don’t say anything and then I become even more depressed/anxious which makes me repeat habits 1-14
  16. Overthinking


The 7 New Habits I’m Trying To Form



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