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Business Budgeting Setup

I’ve had my fair share of financial highs and lows when it comes to my business. Photography is something I love doing and would do for free if I wasn’t hoping to someday do only that and work for myself. Just because you love doing something as a hobby, doesn’t mean you can’t organize yourself to hopefully make a profit off of doing that thing. Today, I’m sharing how I do just that – organize my business budget and accounting to (hopefully) make a profit.

Now, if I were to try talking about everything that I do with all the little pieces, it would turn into a series (which I would be okay with, so let me know if you want that in the comments below). There are literally whole university classes that teach only this subject – for multiple years in a row! I’m no expert or professor, but I like to think that I’m a pretty good self-starter and DIYer who has a few methods that anyone could use to get started.


You can’t have a budget without knowing what your goals are. I have a Google Sheet devoted to my year-to-date (YTD) budget goals (just some ballpark numbers based on the cost of new equipment I want to buy or photography expos/conferences I want to go to, and so on).


Right now, expenses are few and far between in my business. I’m purposefully trying not to spend too much on the little things so that I can save more toward the big things. But I still track what few expenses I do have in another Google Sheet so that I can keep a close eye on those numbers – like a hawk, trying to make sure there’s still enough food rationed for each of her children (I know, weird analogy; I feel weird today). I use the app Expensify to log receipts quickly while I’m out and about so that later I have a good record to bring over to Google.


Income is anything that I’m paid by an investor or a client – so money invested towards my business and clients paying their service invoices. I list all of that out with descriptions in a – you guessed it – Google Sheet. Even if someone is just giving me a tip in cash after I photograph them – I log that as income.

NET Revenue

This is where it all comes together. “Net” means different things for different businesses; some go all in and itemize literally everything and include their price reductions from last year and the cost of the sweater they bought for their great aunt Silvia as “loss.” I just treat “net” as a basic equation: NET Revenue = Income – Expenses – Taxes Paid  Basically, for a small business sole proprietorship like mine (I retain all of my revenue), net revenue is my profit that I get to save or spend on things. Simple!

Those are the basics of my budgeting and accounting setup. It’s nothing fancy, but it helps me keep track of my earnings and stay on target for my goals. Do you have more questions about business budgeting? Ask them in the comments below!

An Office Fitness Challenge

Fitness challenges have never really been my thing. Any time that family members or friends would invite me into one, I would maybe start it and then get over it and go back to my old habits because that’s what I know. But here we are – starting a “fitness challenge” in the office of my new full-time job.

When one of my coworkers came to me about this “challenge” – I keep putting it in quotes for a reason that I’ll talk about in just a minute – I was super hesitant. We have to pay money to weigh in each week so that there’s a prize pool for whoever “wins” and so that the participants feel a sense of urgency having tied up a bit of their money in the process. It’s extremely inexpensive though so that’s fine with me!

Now, I’m not thinking about this as a “challenge” right now. I’m thinking of this process as a reset – a way to retrain my mind in the idea that what I put into my body actually matters. Don’t get me wrong – I know that already. But lately, I haven’t been the best at making sure to eat well or move often, and I want to change that for the better and actually set some goals around that.

I like to think I’m approaching this in a very healthy way. Yes, we weigh ourselves each week, but it’s not focused on the number per se. It’s more so focused on the rate of change or the progress we’re making over the 10-week timeframe. I intend to focus on how I feel as the weeks go on; if I’m feeling like the “challenge” or reset is working well for me, then I’ll keep it up. If I start to feel like I’m thinking about things all wrong, then I’ll slow down a bit. And I’m gonna keep you guys updated through the whole process on this blog and on my social medias (linked in the About page of this site)!

Are you doing anything to keep your body fit and healthy? Let me know in the comments below!