3 Photography Cheat Sheets I Use ALL The Time

It’s no secret that I’ve been working on my photography skills. I’ve taken countless courses through Michigan State University (and earned a specialization in photography from them, having earned the certifications from all of those courses). But sometimes, the photo of the moment still doesn’t always turn out right. That’s when I check my cheat sheets!

I use a few different cheat sheets that I’ve found on Pinterest to help me diagnose a photo’s problem and then (hopefully) fix it. In this post, I’ll be linking the cheat sheets that I use to hopefully help some other photographers out there who rarely have issues but can’t seem to get the issues fixed on our own when they do arise!

  1. Pinterest – Mommatography.com | This is the first cheat sheet I check when I want to use Manual mode in a specific situation and am not sure of some settings. This cheat sheet has the ISO, exposure, aperture, and shutter speed settings for a spectrum of subject environments!
  2. Pinterest – Mommatography.com Troubleshooting | Mommatography has some great stuff out there on Pinterest! When I’ve already taken the picture, and something doesn’t seem quite right, this is the cheat sheet I reference. This sheet has three different troubleshooting situations (photo is too dark, too bright, or too blurry) and the ways you might go about fixing them.
  3. Pinterest – Everyday Eyecandy | It can be easy sometimes to forget the “order of events,” so to speak, of setting up manual mode photography. This cheat sheet walks through the step-by-step process for settings in manual mode as they relate to the specific subject and environment of your photo!

That about sums it up for some of the cheat sheets I use when in sticky photography situations. Do you have any helpful tips/freebies you use for your craft? Share them in the comments below!

Published by Sierra Grayson

I am a freelance photographer based out of Delaware. I specialize in all kinds of photography - you name it, I can capture it (to a socially-acceptable point, of course).

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