2022 Gray Graphics Relaunch Promos

Discounted Portrait Sessions!
22% off of one full-length (~2 hours) portrait session
*Valid when you book within the month of January 2022 and hold your session before December 31 2022
**Security deposit may be required for dates held from March 30 2022 and on

Visit the Contact page to book your session

Contest – Win a FREE Mini Session (edited photos included)
Entry Mode: Facebook and/or Instagram (contestants can enter once on each platform)
Entry Deadline: January 15 2022 by 11:59PM
Winner will be announced on January 16 2022 at 3PM on all social media channels
I have written a number between 1 and 100 on the back of an index card. If you comment on this Facebook post or this Instagram post with your guess for what that number is, you will be entered to win a free 30-minute mini portrait session. The person who guesses the closest to the number without going over WINS!
*Winner must book their mini session before January 31 2022 and must hold their session before March 30 2022

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