When I was 17 years old, society asked me to pick a career choice. I didn’t focus on what I wanted or how I felt. The voices of those who cared about me rang louder than even my own thoughts. I chose a path marked by “job security” and “direction” rather than passion. I went steadily North, moving towards what I thought I wanted. But then I hit a road block, and my journey stood still. Now, with my future still ahead of me, I am changing course.



I am now photographing everything to capture my experiences and memories. I want to be the kind of blogger where photography is paramount to what I do – not just writing. Go check out the blog for all of my photography, lifestyle, hodgepodge updates!



I have also started my own business so that I can begin to work for myself. My photography is my passion, and with the Gray Graphics business, I can finally start to make something of that passion. Go check out the Services pages for more info!




If you have any questions or would like to talk about photography/writing/or my business, please send me an email at or use the Contact page of this site