Battling Discouragement

This one’s going to be a bit heavier, I think. Just a warning! … I catch myself feeling a little discouraged more often these days than I used to feel. I’ve been home with the pandemic and everything, and I’ve been doing a lot of work on this business, Gray Graphics Photography. But I couldContinue reading “Battling Discouragement”

3 Photography Cheat Sheets I Use ALL The Time

It’s no secret that I’ve been working on my photography skills. I’ve taken countless courses through Michigan State University (and earned a specialization in photography from them, having earned the certifications from all of those courses). But sometimes, the photo of the moment still doesn’t always turn out right. That’s when I check my cheatContinue reading “3 Photography Cheat Sheets I Use ALL The Time”

Quarter of a Century

It’s August 2, 2020, which means – it’s my birthday! I turn a quarter-of-a-century years old today. That’s crazy. How is it that 24 went by so quickly and not quickly at all at the exact same time? I wanted to take today to reflect on the last 25 years of life and to thinkContinue reading “Quarter of a Century”

Relax and Recharge

It’s Thursday, and I am definitely feeling the slump! The week has been going by so quickly that I sort of feel like I’ve done too much! I know that’s saying a lot because I was literally just the other day talking about how hard it is to gather up motivation to do things, butContinue reading “Relax and Recharge”

Photography Goal-Setting

I really need to get back to photographing things with a purpose in mind! So today, I’m taking you through my step-by-step process of setting up photography goals for myself. Buckle up and grab a notepad to jot down some of these ideas! Now, this process can be used for any goal-setting venture. I actuallyContinue reading “Photography Goal-Setting”