Photo Inspiration from My Pinterest Board!

Pinterest is a classic platform to share your wins and gather inspiration from other creators. I’m gonna be sharing some of that inspiration here! I have always LOVED Pinterest; the day I created my account was one of my absolute most productive days. There were so many posts to sift through once I plugged inContinue reading “Photo Inspiration from My Pinterest Board!”

1 Thing that Made All the Difference

Yup, we’re getting heavy today. I couldn’t help myself – it’s a Thursday, the week is almost over, I thought why not? So today I’m talking about the one thing I did for my business that made all the difference. What is that one thing? I gave up. Now, just wait a minute before youContinue reading “1 Thing that Made All the Difference”

3 Places in DE that Inspire Me

Yes, that’s right – I live in Dela-where?… There’s no getting around it – I’ve tried to leave, but it keeps pulling me back! Because I can’t leave, I’ve had to explore – and I’m sharing my top 3 inspirational places in DE with you. I’ve heard from a lot of non-Delawareans that the restContinue reading “3 Places in DE that Inspire Me”

Are Photography Classes Worth It?

Ah, the age-old question – to school or not to school?The answer kind of depends on your interpretation of “school” and how much you actually glean from it. Let me tell you why I loved my experience in photography courses and why my answer to the question of today is undoubtedly YES. I took photographyContinue reading “Are Photography Classes Worth It?”

Battling Discouragement

This one’s going to be a bit heavier, I think. Just a warning! … I catch myself feeling a little discouraged more often these days than I used to feel. I’ve been home with the pandemic and everything, and I’ve been doing a lot of work on this business, Gray Graphics Photography. But I couldContinue reading “Battling Discouragement”