1 Thing that Made All the Difference

Yup, we’re getting heavy today. I couldn’t help myself – it’s a Thursday, the week is almost over, I thought why not? So today I’m talking about the one thing I did for my business that made all the difference. What is that one thing? I gave up. Now, just wait a minute before youContinue reading “1 Thing that Made All the Difference”

A Beautiful Sunday

I absolutely love Sundays. If I could have no other day in the week except Sundays, I would gladly take that. Actually…I think most people would! If Sunday could come every day (and you’d never have to worry about the week ahead because it’s always Sunday!), I would be the happiest I could possibly be.Continue reading “A Beautiful Sunday”

Why Photography?

Passion. Creativity. Tranquility. Calm. How many buzz words can I use to describe one of my absolute most favorite things to do? I can’t imagine not being able to pick up my camera or cellphone and take pictures every single day. So – you want to know why photography? Because I love it. It’s notContinue reading “Why Photography?”

Creating a Zine

I am developing a new zine! For those of you who don’t know what a zine is, it’s basically a small “magazine” that includes mostly visual art in one medium and for one story line/creative purpose. I have one zine that I put together while I was in college. It’s all about college life andContinue reading “Creating a Zine”

My Photo Editing Playlist!

Music has so much power on our brains – the science behind why teachers play music in the classroom is very compelling. Music activates parts of our brain that help us to understand things easier and better in the long-term. It also helps to activate the brain’s “focus zone” and push us to get moreContinue reading “My Photo Editing Playlist!”