Productivity at Home

I don’t know about you, but being home alone for most of the day every day has been killing my productive vibes! Really, how many bags of popcorn can I eat while watching other people get stuff done on YouTube? I post a lot of productivity content to this page, and I wanted to noteContinue reading “Productivity at Home”

Business Budgeting Setup

I’ve had my fair share of financial highs and lows when it comes to my business. Photography is something I love doing and would do for free if I wasn’t hoping to someday do only that and work for myself. Just because you love doing something as a hobby, doesn’t mean you can’t organize yourselfContinue reading “Business Budgeting Setup”

My Updated (And Now Official..) 2019 Planning Routine

Hello again my friends! I wanted to post this updated planning routine today as we are officially at the half-way point in the year – only 6 more months until Christmas which basically means the year is half over! I’ve perfected my planning system – the system I will officially be using for at leastContinue reading “My Updated (And Now Official..) 2019 Planning Routine”

My 5 Most-Used Apps

Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about the most-used apps on my phone. As a photographer, digital media manager, and writer, I have a LOT going on – especially on my phone! My 5 most-used apps help me focus on individual tasks and be as productive as I possibly can. Keep reading to findContinue reading “My 5 Most-Used Apps”

My Crazy Budgeting for Beginners Routine!

I’ve been a budget-planning freak for a longggg time, but I just started getting into real-life situational budgeting about a month and a half ago. My husband and I moved into our new apartment (the tour for which is coming up soon!), and we’ve got all of the #adulting to do – including paying theContinue reading “My Crazy Budgeting for Beginners Routine!”