What to Do Before a Photo Shoot (When You’re the Client!)

So you’ve booked a photo shoot with a photographer. That’s awesome! You’re about to receive one of the greatest treasures in the world – a set of photos that captures your essence (or your family’s essence or the essence of you and your husband as a couple or whatever essence your particular session is aimingContinue reading “What to Do Before a Photo Shoot (When You’re the Client!)”

Portrait Photos – My Photographic Process

I love holding portrait sessions! The perfect portrait session can make a huge difference in someone’s life. I recently was a part of a portrait session for my step-mother’s father (my step-grandfather?) who had a life-threatening disease. The portrait session produced photos of his children and grandchildren (and one step-grandchild?). He was so happy toContinue reading “Portrait Photos – My Photographic Process”