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Photographing a Wedding: my most recent event

This is such a beautiful experience. I can’t wait to renew my vows! The colors they chose compliment each other so well in these photographs.

These are all thoughts that were going through my head a couple Saturdays ago while I was photographing one of the most beautiful weddings I’d ever had the privilege to attend. The brides looked stunning in their gowns, and the bridal parties were all dressed stylishly as well. But the most important thing is that I was able to capture the small moments throughout the ceremony and the reception that truly show the love these two hold for each other.

I’m in the process of editing these photos now, and the brides have given me permission to share some of these photos on my blog; I hope you will enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Top 3 Couples Photography Tips

Did someone say couples photography? Oh my gosh, yes! How cute is it to have beautifully rendered photos of you and bae on your walls or on the nightstand next to your bed or on your kitchen table… Wait, on your kitchen table? You know what, do it – I don’t judge! Getting to take photographs of couples who are clearly in love gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, like I’m doing something good with my talents on Earth.

Do you want to take your photographs with bae to the next level? Well, find a photographer who super loves photographing couples (*ahem ahem*) and use my top 3 couples photography tips to get some of the cutest photos ever!

  • Make sure you and your loved one are clear on the types of photos you want. Do you like more serious pictures? Do you want to experiment with funny candids? What about a mixture of both? Talk about it beforehand!
  • Pick a location based on your personality inclinations. This relates more to how you handle being in public. If you’re choosing to photograph on-location somewhere and not in a studio, make sure it’s a place where you’re comfortable. For example, if you get skittish or embarrassed easily around other people, you might want to think twice before getting photographed at the mall during Christmas time, you know?
  • Have pose ideas in mind before you go to the photo session. Now, your photographer may be able to help with this (and likely will be able to help with this). But it makes the session run much more smoothly if you and bae already have a few pose ideas picked out and saved somewhere. Pinterest is a great reference for this; check out this board I created just for pose ideas!

Those are my 3 biggest tips for a more effective and efficient couples photography session. Speaking of couples photography, did you know that for the entire month of February 2020 ALL couple’s photography sessions will be 50% off?! You didn’t know? Well, you better be thankful I told ya! Click here to learn more about this awesome discount.